About the Project

7 Trails for Mixity is 18 months project aiming at reinforcing the capacity of 7 youth organizations and networks from 4 continents (Europe with Bulgaria, Spain, Italy and France; South-Africa; India; Mexico) with a central objective to open youth activities and programs/policies to all young people including those with disabilities and other discrimited minorities and migrants.

We want to show that all youth activities and especially those involving arts and cultures should be opened to all young people as a key tool for personal and professional development and whatever their origins or situations are, to increase mutual understanding and benefits among all young people and citizens and to stop the isolation of a large part of the young people staying in specialized centres and under-representated in the medias and cultural spheres. These modern marginalisation of an important fringe of our youth should be stopped through the development of new mixed activities planned in order to give the opportunity to everyone to know each other, to approach our differences and to all be able to express ourselves and to get access to our full rights and citizenship.

Through renewed artistic practices, exchanges of good practices and non formal education methods we want to develop new ways to create these interrelations, mutual benefits, in a new generalised mixed context. For that, we have planned to organise 7 phases to meet, observe, exchange and elaborate new common good practices based on jobs shadowing in Mexico (music), Mumbai (visual arts and meditative techniques), Durban (dance, circus and movement) and Catalan Pyrenees (theatre), with 20 youth workers and multiple experts involved, in order to experiment new non-formal methods during a 3 weeks youth exchange in France with 50 young people from our organisations and with a real representation of the diversity and the mixity of our societies to be able to test and evaluate the future applicability in our organisations and networks. To share and disseminate the results, we have set a week-long training course in Bulgaria with 30 highly motivated youth workers chosen from our networks of associated partners in the youth field and with a big potential to create and implement these new activities and methods to act as multipliers and members of our international network and online resources platform. 

An international common day dedicated to Mixity will also be launched simultaneously with the goal to inform the public, to reach the public opinion through media campaigns, to attract new activists and organisations and to sign new partnership agreements with private and public entities to participate to this important dynamic of social inclusion and transformation.

Four different meetings will be organised between the 3 mobility phases in Italy, France and Bulgaria to prepare, evaluate, control and follow the activities and common scheme and program to reach the expected results and impact of the project.